The anticancer diet for man has existed since the arrival of the Accelerated Deoxyribo Acid Nucleic   (A.D.A.N.) to EDEN, an inhospitable land, lined with heavy metals of meteorites.

SURVIVAL KIT The kit contained docile animals and anti-heavy metals plants: Phytic acid vegetables (fruit trees) and phytate-dependent bacteria. Its function was to feed the new humanity that would emerge from ADAM. The fruits of phytic acid provided everything necessary to feed man and prevent him from aging and becoming sick from heavy metals.

Phytic trees are a product of extraterrestrial plant genetic engineering of the ELOHIM. They produce medicinal fruits that feed, heal and prevent aging. They retain youth but not life. In EDEN there was no old age or sickness, an Earthly Paradise.
Humanity underestimates the fruits of phytic acid and dies aged and sick. Only the Hunzas of Shangri La of Afghanistan who follow the EDEN DIET do not know cancer or age

Origin, strengths and weaknesses of cancer.

Know the enemy well, his origin, his strengths and weaknesses to defeat him. 


The Galactic Human body is the ultimate creation of the GIVE/RECEIVE Universe, the Universe of LOVE. 60% of spiritual beings, as they incarnate, use body support, in the frequency of the third density, the Galactic Human Body.
In the Universe of LOVE Galactic Humans are immortal of body and spirit but on Earth Earth Earth Humans are mortal because their physical bodies are only made in the image and LIKENESS of the Galactic Human. They look like the Galactic Human but are not the same. Man has defective and limiting genetics.

Aliens are not immortal gods, they are eternally young Gods. The earthlings are mortal men.

The difference between an Extraterrestrial "God" and a Terrestrial or "mortal" Human is the rejuvenation of the body in the face of its aging. The immortality of the body does not exist. There is the eternal youth of the body but not the eternal life of the body. The difference between mortals and "immortals" lies only in youth. They all belong to the frequency of the third density, that is, they all bleed and can die.

The secret of eternal youth lies in genetics. Alien gods have a genetics that provides them with a type of rejuvenating body regenerative medicine. Their cell therapy provides them with complete cell turnover without limitation. In contrast, terrestrial humans work with a genetics that only provides a REGENERATIVE MEDICINE OF ANTI-AGING FOR A LIMITED TIME. Their cell therapy only provides them with complete cell turnover for a limited time at 60 telomeres.

Cancerous anaerobic metabolism is characterized by a single type of body cells without telomeres. All cells can divide to create new cells and all can specialize in different functions depending on the body organ where they are born. Cells can divide as many times as necessary until they replace all the dying cells. All dead cells are replaced by new ones. What ages is rejuvenated immediately.
The physiology of the galactic human has a pattern of REJUVENATION Cell Therapy, and defines a natural immortal regenerative medicine.

The metabolism of man is not cancerous, it is anti-aging for a limited time to 60 telomeres
In the terrestrial human there are two classes of cells: the "stem cells" and the "somatic cells". Only "stem" type cells can divide and create new daughter (somatic) cells, which specialize to create different tissues or organs.

Stem cells have 60 telomeres. Telomeres are the repetitive ends of DNA that chromosomes start. Its function is to count cell divisions of stem cells. Every time a stem cell splits in half to create a new daughter cell, a telomere is lost. Stem cells can only divide 60 times. When a stem cell spends its last telomere it can no longer divide.
The physiology of the terrestrial human has a pattern of Anti-Aging Cell Therapy, and defines a natural deadly regenerative medicine that only serves to replace dead cells of natural death, which is suicide or cellular apoptosis. Cells that die accidentally killed (NOT SUICIDAL) are not replaced but replaced, borrowed from cell divisions reserved for future decades. When the new ADAMIC terrestrial man wastes and squanders cells he ages. Reaching the decades depleted of cells their appearance will be old. In those decades he will miss the cells once borrowed to repair his negligence.

Anaerobic metabolism is that of cancer and is the metabolism of eternal youth in the gods but in earthly man it is forbidden and mortal. Adamic genetics prohibits rejuvenation, only allows anti-aging for a time limited to 60 theomeres. Terrestrial man is only allowed aerobic metabolism for "and his days will be one hundred and twenty years." Whoever breaks the divine law on Earth runs the risk of dying precipitously of cancer.

The programmed life of a cell is 10 years. At the end of its lifespan, planned obsolescence, it commits suicide to make its place to another new young cell to take its place. The 60 telomeres give for a cell replenishment only for a limited time. From the conception of zygote to birth the newborn has already spent 48 telomeres on embryogenesis. He only has 12 telomeres to stay young for 120 years. Well managed with each telomere can stay completely young for an entire decade. If it does not waste cells, every 10 years it releases a new body, as young and vital as in the previous decade.


The human body has two different genetics: the one inherited from adam and the one inherited from the pre-ADAMICs. Depending on the intensity of the physical activity carried out at any given time, man will work with ADAMIC genetics or with pre-ADAMIC genetics. ADAMIC genetics provides aerobic metabolism and is always activated at rest and in moderate physical activity. Pre-ADAMIC genetics provide anaerobic metabolism and is activated in intense and very intense physical activity while paralyzing normal aerobic metabolism. It provides an anaerobic metabolism that is 200 times faster than aerobic. In anaerobic metabolism, enough energy is obtained to beat sports records or to work intensely so that another one is enriched.
When the physical overexertion ceases, the normal aerobic metabolism of healthy cells is restored. However, anaerobic metabolism produces lactic acid which is toxic to aerobic cells. After intense physical activity, pain and loss of strength occur. It is a reminder to man that his painless metabolism is aerobic and not anaerobic. On this planet, since the arrival of ADAM, it is discouraged to work intensely, like the lulus in the mine or like the athletes. You come to learn how this Universe of LOVE works, not to overcome an Olympic record or to work intensely for another.

You pay a high price for living with anaerobic metabolism. It may happen that not all cells that at any given time, functioning with anaerobic metabolism, recover aerobic metabolism. When a cell that is functioning with anaerobic metabolism gets stuck in its metabolism and does not regain normal aerobic metabolism, IT IS BECAUSE IT HAS BECOME MALIGNANT. The malignant cell, now with anaerobic metabolism, is governed by the oncogene inherited from the pre-ADAMICs. It multiplies and grows at high speed until it forms a tumor.


Malignant cells have several vulnerabilities that allow them to attack and kill them.

Glucose vulnerability: Malignant cells feed exclusively on hexose glucose. With anaerobic metabolism they cannot feed on another hexose other than glucose. They cannot feed on hexose fructose from fruit or hexose galactose from milk.

Normal healthy cells, with aerobic metabolism, can feed on fructose and galactose. When you live in a land that flows milk and honey, and you eat only fruit, milk and honey, healthy cells feed and cancer cells starve.

The vulnerability of the enzyme rhodanase: Amygdalin from bitter almonds kills anaerobic cancer cells by metabolic asphyxiation.

Aerobic (good) cells use oxygen as the final acceptor of an electron chain that produces:

Energy in the form of ATP + cyanide + H2O + CO2

Cyanide is toxic but does not harm the aerobic cell because it has an enzyme that it manufactures especially to neutralize cyanide. The enzyme RHODANASA, which neutralizes cyanide by converting it into thiocinate, a food for the cell.

RHODANASE is the most important enzyme in the body. Without it there is no aerobic life. Everyone makes it. They all own it.

Bad (cancer) cells have anaerobic metabolism, they do not use oxygen as the final acceptor of an electron chain that produces:

Energy in the form of ATP + Lactic acid + H2O + CO2. But they do NOT produce cyanide.

As they do not produce cyanide, they also do not need the enzyme rhodanase to neutralize it. Cancer cells do not produce rhodanase which means they can be killed with cyanide.

The vulnerability of the enzyme superoxide-dismutase: Resveratrol from the skin and seeds of black grapes kills anaerobic cancer cells by metabolic oxidation.
In the mitochondrial aerobic pathway, oxygen is used as the final electron acceptor. The electrons circulate as an electric current until the end of their journey where they join two by two, to the hydrogen we breathe, to form water. This is the mechanics of mitochondrial respiration, some leave and others arrive so that the current of electrons does not stop and the production of energy is maintained. In the end, ATP, CO2, CYANIDE and H2O are produced.
In the aerobic pathway, mitochondrial respiration is supervised by specific antioxidant enzymes: Superoxide dismutase captures free radicals, Glutathione transforms them into still toxic hydrogen peroxide and Catalase transforms it into harmless water. If an electron escapes from the electrical pathway, they capture it and convert it into hydrogen peroxide and then into water, and the good cell is not damaged.
In contrast, in the anaerobic pathway, oxygen is not the final electron acceptor. In anaerobic cells the intracellular antioxidant enzymes of mitochondrial respiration are not COUPLED because they do not need them. Which means that it is not prepared to neutralize oxygen and can be oxidized.
The seeds of black grapes and their skin contain resveratrol. After eating black grapes, resveratrol increases the amount of superoxide dismutase by 14 times. Within healthy aerobic cells there is a deep cleaning of free radicals with increased hydrogen peroxide that is then deoxygenated by catalase, being able to eliminate safe water. But in anaerobic cells the ENZYmatic reactions SOT==> GPT==> CAT are not chained. The increase in hydrogen peroxide CANNOT BE ELIMINATED and cancer cells die rusty.

The vulnerability of cannabidiol: The acid cannabidiol is cannabidiol LIVE. It is only found in the live (white) flowers and seeds of hemp. Together with vitamin K2 and vitamin D they cause forced suicide of cancer cells and have no psychotropic effects. On the other hand, cannabidiol from dried flowers (brown) is dead (decarboxylated) and does not induce the suicide of cancer cells. It only causes psychotropic effects.

Melatonin vulnerability: The amount of internal melatonin at night directly depends on the amount of moderate physical exercise performed naked in the sun. The external melatonin in nuts prevents the growth of cancer cells during the night.

The vulnerability of calcitriol: Moderate physical activity naked in the sun produces 1.25(OH)2 cholecalciferol in the kidney which prevents the growth of cancer cells during the day in the sun.


In 1931 the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to Mr. Otto Heinrich Warbur who later postulated that cancer is due to a non-physiological diet and lifestyle.

The main thing to avoid the appearance of cancer is physiological behavior and food.

1º.- Avoid anaerobic metabolism

The physiological behavior is to live with ADAMIC genetics and not to use lulu genetics, AVOID ANAEROBIC METABOLISM, that is, not to work in strenuous jobs that require intense or prolonged physical activity such as sports, chain production or intense and prolonged sedentary lifestyle that favors aging and consequently cancer.


Lulus had the metabolic hole of vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 is essential for proper blood clotting. The leaves of folic acid vegetables feed bacteria that produce vitamin K1. Lulus could bleed to death if they did not eat green leafy vegetables from the Anunnaki diet daily.
The lulus or pre-ADAMIC did not age. Every day they woke up as young as they did the day before. Calcium and cholesterol did not accumulate in their arteries because they renewed them every day.
The ADAMIC man, with his ADAMIC genetics of regenerative anti-aging medicine, can not be renewed every day indefinitely, so he is vulnerable to the deposit of calcium, heavy metals and cholesterol of animal origin in his arteries.

The problem of arteriosclerosis is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle without sun on the skin. To prevent, as far as possible, that the ADAMIC men died in vascular accidents of arteriosclerosis the Elohim created the bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium of the human intestinal flora that produces all the vitamins that man needs. It does not produce vitamin K1 essential for blood clotting against bleeding wounds. Instead it produces vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 also intervenes on the same blood clotting factors as vitamin K1 but its molecule is much longer because it incorporates two more functions:

1.- Remove the petrified calcium, embedded in soft parts (arteries, kidneys, tendons, etc.) and reposition it where it should be: In the hard parts of the bones.

2.- It intervenes in the detachment of the prion, together with vitamin D, in the apoptosis of both healthy and cancerous cells. It allows and enables the suicide of cancer cells.

We have the age of our arteries.
Arteriosclerosis causes strokes. 40% of deaths in industrialized countries are due to vascular accidents.
The phytic plant-based diet is ideal for keeping arteries clean. Phytin is the specific nutrient for humans.
The arteries are cleaned by BACILLUS SUBTILIS + PHYTIN + PHYTASE + VITAMIN K2.

In humans: The intake and digestion of phytic fruits provides phytin. The phytin that passes into the blood mobilizes calcium from the blood to the bones and strengthens them. Similarly, the phytin that passes into the blood removes calcium embedded in soft tissues. It binds to petrified calcium in arteries and other soft parts. Phytin is the food of the bacterium bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis only feeds on phytin and lives on the leaves and skin of the fruits of phytic vegetables. When unpeeled phytic fruits are ingested, bacillus subtilis is also ingested. The live leaves of cannabis are especially rich in bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis is part of the intestinal flora and produces, in the digestive tract, the enzyme phytase. The phytase that enters the blood binds to the phytin previously attached to the petrified calcium of the arteries and other soft parts. Phytase breaks calcium bonds and dissolves calcifications. Bacillus subtilis produces vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 that passes into the blood binds to the despetrified calcium and removes it from the arteries. LDL cholesterol from the atheromatous plaques of arteriosclerosis is released and returned to the liver where it is broken down. The end result is arterial cleansing and rejuvenation of the arteries and other soft parts.
In phytic vegetables: phytin directly imprisons calcium in woody fibers and keeps the arteries of phytic vegetables clean. Bacillus subtilis lives in the leaves of phytic vegetables and with the phytase it produces it decalcifies calcium concretions in the soft parts of vegetables.

The anti-cancer diet is a natural diet, i.e. RAW. Cancer lurks behind pots, casseroles, pans, stoves, ovens, grills, and microwaves.

Physiological food is what feeds, heals and does not age. To eat physiological is to eat raw fruit, milk and honey because man is phytic raw ironfrugivore. Nature is natural and presents itself raw. Raw provides vitamins and vitality. Heating food denatures it. The heat of cooking causes cooked food to lose electrons and becomes acidic. Heat destroys vitamins in food and acidifies them. Cancer cells only grow in acidic body pH from devitaminized and devitalized bodies.
The non-physical vegetarian diet: It is a maintenance diet. It only serves to stay alive but does not serve to kill anaerobic cells, does not cure anything and allows aging by heavy metals if it has not been obtained in hydroponics.
The Mediterranean diet: The EDEN DIET has suffered reptilian attacks to distort it. The ANUNNAKI DIET HAS INVADED THE ELOHIM DIET. The result has been the emergence of a diet half EDEN and half GROWING FERTILE: THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET.
The Mediterranean diet does not serve to stay young for the entire human longevity of "and its days will be one hundred and twenty years." No one manages to reach 120 years old or young. Approximately only 1.3% of the population achieves a life expectancy of about 80 years aged and at risk of cancer, vascular accident, etc.

Divine Recommendation:

"You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest all the fruit of the seed you have sown and the product of the vineyard become useless."

Certainly sowing Anunnaki seeds and Elohim seeds together to collect everything and be able to eat the Mediterranean diet spoils the product of the vineyard that is youth and health throughout longevity.

The second reptilian attack on the EDEN DIET is the baking of bread.
The star food of the EDEN DIET is bread. Starch is a vegetable glucose polymer. It is the reserve carbohydrate of mainly legume vegetables and cereals, and is practically non-existent in phytic fruits. Eating phytic fruits does not feed the cancer with starchy glucose. Glycogen is an animal glucose polymer and is abundant in meat. Meat provides the most glucose for cancer. Elohim wheat from the EDEN DIET contains antiamylase. Amylase is the enzyme that in saliva and in the digestive tract fragments starch and glycogen to generate glucose. The intake of whole wheat raw wheat, rich in antiamylase, reduces the absorption of the specific food for cancer cells, glucose.
The anti-amylase enzyme is destroyed by heat. It is found in the skin of the wheat grain. When the grains are peeled, the bran rich in anti-amylase and a peeled whitish wheat grain without vitamins or anti-amylases are obtained. Eating cereal flour bread, peeled and cooked offers bread without anti-amylases or vitamins, only starch that will serve to produce glucose, the food of cancer. Cooked bread allows plenty of cancer food to be absorbed in the intestine and passed into the blood.
Wheat should not be dried at more than 60 ºC. It should be eaten raw. Left to soak for a day exposed to the angel of Sun and Air. Make thin wafers and let them dry in the sun.

The carnivorous diet: It is the most dangerous. Meat is the muscles of animals (fish, insects, mammals, etc.). Meat contains glucose which is the specific food of the anaerobic metabolism of cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in 2015 that eating meat causes cancer, especially red and processed meat.
Next to the glucose in the meat is stored a glucose concentrate, glycogen. Eating meat is eating glucose with glycogen. Glycogen is broken down into more glucose in the digestive tract. Eating meat superfeeds cancer.

Cancer appears in people who do not follow the EDEN DIET.

The EDEN DIET has two kinds of foods: nutritional foods and medicinal foods.

Nutritional compounds, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, nourish and nourish man.
Medicinal compounds such as phytin, amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin, protect man from diseases caused by anaerobic agents (cancer cells, infectious micro-organisms, auto-immune cells) and aging by heavy metals and other toxics.
Phytin and phytase are the secret of EDEN's youth.
Amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin are the secret of health in EDEN

The DAILY EDEN DIET can prevent the onset of cancer and can kill a small tumor. For larger tumors you can try to shrink and kill them with high doses of ANAEROBIC CELL KILLER CONCENTRATES, (ACK): EAT HIGHER PROPORTIONS OF BITTER ALMONDS, GRAPE SEEDS, HEMP SEEDS, NUTS ALONG WITH MODERATE NAKED EXERCISE IN THE SUN.

The vulnerability of Saturday fasting: With anaerobic metabolism a tumor can grow faster than the blood vessels that feed it with aerobic metabolism. In order not to die of ischemia, a tumor stops its growth several times, seasonally, to wait for the growth of the blood vessels that have to feed it. During its pause it changes to aerobic metabolism so as not to grow so quickly. In aerobic metabolism it is invulnerable to ANAEROBIC CELL KILLERS (ACK) such as amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol or melatonin.
To force the tumor to wake up and return to anaerobic metabolism there is an infallible trap for a sweet tooth tumor: Hunger. After fasting on Saturday, the whole day, the tumor pushed by hunger will return to the anaerobic metabolism to eat and satiate. It is from Sunday that the intake of amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin can act on a newly vulnerable tumor.
In this way, an effective treatment against the tumor can be established continuously, week after week, without waiting for the one who knows when to wake up.


"... every tree that has fruit that gives seed; this will serve as food for you."

Food is what provides vitality, health, cures all diseases and does not age

"Everything that moves and lives, will be for maintenance: as well as legumes and green plants, I have given you everything."

The "maintenance" diet is a diet that does not cure but ages, it only keeps you alive for as long as you consume it. This is the case of the anunnaki diet, green leafy vegetables.

Forbidden to cut fruit trees

19 "When you are a city for many days, fighting against it to take it, you will not destroy its trees by putting the axe against them; you will not cut them down, for from them you can eat. For is the tree of the field a man for you to make room for?"

20 "Only the trees that you know do not bear fruit can you destroy and cut down, to build siege machines against the city that is at war with you, until it falls."

The EDEN Survival Kit is completed with two resins, Commiphora myrrha myrrh and Boswellia sacra incense.


ADAMIC men live longer and better if they use gold, frankincense and myrrh on a daily basis. Gold is a metal that is used as a bargaining chip among men who do not want to impoverish or enrich others. Global gold production is limited. The world's production of money is unlimited. In societies where gold is used as a bargaining chip, wealth has a cap and the rich do not become super rich. Their wealth is limited to the amount of gold available. In societies where fiat money is used (paper not backed by gold, it depends on the credit and trust it deserves), the rich can become super rich. They just have to print money. To prevent reptilians from getting rich and dominating humanity, the gold standard is necessary.

The gold standard avoids the enslavement of forced labor by abundant fiat money. Paper money can make the ADAMIC human a miner and force him to work for another with his pre-ADAMIC genetics until he dies of cancer or/or aging.


The men did not pre-get sick or old because they had regenerative medicine based on a rejuvenation cell therapy governed by an oncogene.
With the advent of ADAM genetics and its subsequent hybridization with pre-ADAMICs, the new men lost rejuvenation cell therapy, although they were left with an anti-aging cell therapy governed by the tumor suppressor gene. Despite having both genetics, the dominant gene is the tumor suppressor gene inherited from ADAM. In men the oncogene is secondary and the tumor suppressor gene is the main one. Malignant cells controlled by the oncogene inherited from pre-ADAMICs grow non-stop but cannot rejuvenate anything because they are outside of their original pre-ADAMIC physiology. They grow out of control in an aerobic body controlled by a tumor suppressor gene, which is the one that really governs all human aerobic physiology.
The ADANIC human body works with aerobic metabolism and health is aerobic. The disease is anaerobic. Cancer is anaerobic, infections are anaerobic, autoimmunity is anaerobic. There are no aerobic diseases. All are anaerobic. Harmful cells are anaerobic and to kill them you have to use anaerobic cell killer drugs. Such is the case of resveratrol from grapes, melatonin from nuts, amygdalin from bitter almonds from the genus prunus, cannabidiol from cannabis and anti-cancer and anti-autoimmunity resins, myrrh and incense. The two resins are natural medicines with no expiration date. Even if the annual harvest of some phytic fruit proves insufficient, anaerobic cell killer resin will always be available. Commiphora resin has the power to kill cancer and anaerobic cells (viruses, pathogens, etc.)
Autoimmunity also comes from pre-ADAMIC genetics. The lulus were the pre-ADAMIC men, mining slaves, they always remained young, almost immortal, but their noble neurons could not be divided, their nervous system could not regenerate.
Neurons are very large, long cells. When the cells divide, they give rise to cells equal in size. Neurons are millions of times larger than a normal divisible cell. The neurons in the lulus were not replaced. With the intense muscular work, radicals were generated that finally damaged the neurons. When the neuronally aged lulu performed little in its work it was automatically eliminated by its immune system. It generated an autoimmune response against neurons aged to death by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This cause of death is common in professional athletes.
Any defect that the lulu presented at work could generate an autoimmune response against the cell type that was not used correctly. Autoimmune attacks are attacks against some type of cell or protein. Inflammation of the attacked part occurs and in the end organ failure. Boswellia resin has the anti-inflammatory power to ward off autoimmune disease.

Myrrh was not presented as a perfume for newborn balms or incense to perfume nativity scenes but to avoid cancer, infections and autoimmune disease, the three health problems to be avoided by the ADAMIC man.


"You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest all the fruit of the seed you have sown and the product of the vineyard become useless."

The fruit of the seed you plant depends on the type of seed you use. If you plant Anunnaki seeds of folic acid it will give you green leafy vegetables that will serve as maintenance but not food, that is, you will stay alive but you will age and get sick (cancer, infections, etc.).

If you plant Elohim seeds of phytic acid they will give you fruits that will serve as food, that is, they will feed you, protect you against aging and prevent you from getting sick from anaerobic agents (cancer, infections, etc.). The fruit of the phytic seed is the phytic fruit and the product of the vineyard and health and youth. In EDEN there was no disease or aging.

Cain lived off Kit Anunnaki. In the Kit there were only folic acid seeds and vitamin K1-producing bacteria because it was designed to feed lulus of rejuvenating cancerous metabolism. It did not contain animals. He only grew green leafy vegetables.
He worked intensely, digging the earth and plucking bad herbs, every day, year after year.

Abel planted a vineyard sowing seeds of fruit trees from the EDEN Kit. He did not work intensively year after year, his sheep and goats cut the weeds at ground level and the fruit trees grew without competition. Bees pollinated EDEN's phytic fruit trees while producing sweet fructose honey. The trees gave him sweet fructose fruits without having to bend his back. Its seeds gave it live anti-anaerobic cell medicines (anticancer, anti pathogenic microorganisms). Abel paid attention to a God who gave him good advice, to whom he was able to give an offering of lamb in his vineyard. Cain ignored the recommendations of the God of Abel. And the day of the offering came.

What did he offer? A bunch of chard? A colorful broccoli? A leafy celery?

Abel died with youth with hundreds of years. Cain died aged, almost blind from avitaminosis.

There was a time when there was only the Anunnaki diet on the planet. It was a raw diet whose only function was to keep alive pre-ADAMIC men who rejuvenated themselves automatically. However, the lulus, despite rejuvenating, were not immortal. They had metabolic holes and needed vitamins to plug them and survive. The Anunnaki diet provided them with vitamins and energy, just enough to be able to work as bare-billed miners under the sun in open-pit gold mines.
Miners were not free to live autonomously on the planet. Those who escaped from the mine died of several causes:

At that time galactose (milk) was inaccessible because mammals were wild and predatory. Fructose (fruit) had not yet reached Earth and outside the mining site there were only tannic acid trees (fruitless trees)

The escaped lulus died in a few days from total vitamin deficiency.

They could not eat leaves of tannic trees because they caused astringency and diarrhea. Tannin is astringent and when ingested causes a sudden dryness of the intestinal mucosa, decreasing its function and hindering intestinal absorption while causing diarrhea.

They couldn't eat green vegetable leaves because they were only grown in indoor hydroponics. Folic acid vegetables were not free in nature. They were grown in indoor hydroponics in the mining enclosure. They bled to death due to lack of vitamin K1: Vegetables feed in their leaves a bacterium that produces vitamin K1, vital for blood clotting. Without eating pholic green leaves they died in a short time, bleeding in spontaneous or accidental hemorrhages.

They couldn't eat eggs (from reptiles, amphibians, and birds) because the eggs contain avidin, a glycoprotein that destroys vitamin B8. Without vitamin B8 you lose strength and fall to the ground...

They could not eat fish, crustaceans, or mollusks because they contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys thiamine (vit. B1). Without vitamin B1 they lost their strength and fell to the ground...

They could not eat meat from animals (reptiles and saurians) because lulus produced salivary and gastric haptocorrin that blocked intestinal absorption of vitamin B12. No vit. B12 the lulus demyelinated, lost strength and fell to the ground...

Neither cannibalism saved them from certain death because prions accumulated in their body and caused Alzheimer's or Kuru or spongiform encephalopathy or any other disease caused by prions.

Prions and cancer

The second cause of aging, after heavy metals, is prions.
Prions are intelligent proteins that are anchored on the surface of cells. They analyze the extracellular medium and communicate with the DNA of the nucleus. They can issue orders and control everything. The Prion is literally the brain of the cell. Without a prion, the cell is useless. When the cell wants to commit suicide at the end of its programmed life the prion unanchors and falls, only then does water enter the cell interior and the cell explodes. The prions unanchored in apoptosis are phagocytosed next to the cellular remains without a trace.
Cell death by murder is an artificial death that brings consequences. When a cell dies killed (heat, trauma, infection, toxic, etc.) it dies with its prion anchored to the surface. The anchored prion does not detach from the dead cell, folds and becomes sticky. The dead cell disappears phagocytosed but the prion does not disappear, it stays. A folded prion is indestructible by the organism. It lasts a lifetime inside it. As prions accumulate, prion conglomerates stick to the tissues appear. They are the brownish yellowish spots we see on the skin of the hands of elderly people. They are the deposits of amyloid, the folded and sticky prion protein.

Those that are deposited in internal tissues cannot be seen with the naked eye but also produce organ aging and organ failure, for example: Those that are deposited in the brain produce, very long-term, Alzheimer's.
Folded prions are sticky prions. They stick to other prions of living cells. With their weight they make them fall and cells with collapsed prions die without deactivating their prion. A chain reaction occurs that can kill millions of cells. They are massive collapses of prions that cause an important and remarkable aging in a short time.

Prions have considerable species and organ specificity, and are lethal in the short term to humans who practice cannibalism.
The prions coming from cannibalism produce the collapse in chain, one after another, as in domino tokens, of millions of healthy prions. The collapse is so rapid and intense that cannibals, once the prion disease has begun, can die within a year.
Prions have considerable organ specificity. For example: Prions from the brain of the dead accumulate preferentially in the brain of the cannibal, and produces Kuru.

Animals killed for food contain abundant folded prions but are not as lethal to humans. When you eat your meat you eat folded prions. Folded prions of animal origin accumulate in our leather and produce aging but not a cascading collapse of millions of prions. They only tend to age the carnivore.
Accelerated aging caused by prions can also end in cancer.
Aging causes a shortage of cell turnover. Aging cells that want to commit suicide cannot commit suicide because their stem cell does not come to their suicide call. They express old age receptors on their surface to inform their stem cell that they want to commit suicide but she cannot divide because she has already spent all her telomeres. Old age receptors expressed for too long can be used as doors to the cell interior. Oncogenic viruses can take advantage of them to enter a cell and make it cancerous.


Lulus were a sterile species, they could not reproduce because they had had their "Y" sex chromosome removed. They were a species declared extinct until adam arrived with the "Y" chromosome, fructose and docile galactose. The patriarchs were able to compare the fruit of EDEN with the vegetable. of the fertile crescent. Eating fruit became synonymous with eating sweet and tasty, having fun eating, ENJOYING.


After original sin the garden fence became unnecessary. Weeds invaded the garden and turned aging and disease back to Adamic humanity. The Garden of EDEN disappeared hidden in the undergrowth but EDEN has not died. EDEN IS STILL ALIVE IN ITS SEEDS. EDEN IS NOT A PHYSICAL PLACE BUT A PHYTIC PLACE. EDEN IS A VINEYARD THAT FLOWS MILK AND HONEY.

Reptilian attacks on EDEN

The Elohim agenda created a free Adamic man not to spend his time working for another but to learn how the Universe of Love works. Those who live in the shadows feed on low frequencies (pain, anxiety, hatred, despair, anger, frustration, helplessness, depression, etc.)

Since the arrival of Adam and kit EDen the reptilians, following the directives of those living in the shadows, have attacked and distorted EDEN in order for the Elohim agenda of the new Adamic man to fail. Instead of LOVE, WHICH IS THE UNIVERSAL LAW of this universe, THEY PREFER FEAR AND SUFFERING. The result of their attacks are the return of aging and disease on Earth.

The earthly man ages, sick and generates low-frequency feelings (pain, anxiety, hatred, despair, anger, frustration, impotence, depression, etc.) that are the food of those who live in the shadows. Hence the interest that there is suffering on Earth due to wars, diseases, aging, hunger, etc.

Attacks and lies of the reptilians against EDEN

Attack on the phytin

False: "Phytate is antinutrient."

There are people who claim that phytate is antinutrient and that therefore the consumption of nuts should be limited because they contain phytate.

The natural phytate of vegetables is myo-inositol calcium hexaphosphate magnesium (phytin). It is produced in vegetables by the binding of phytic acid with calcium and magnesium to phosphates.
Calcium and magnesium are two alkaline earth elements, that is, they will easily detach 2 electrons from their last layer to be able to keep 8 electrons in the penultimate one, turning it into a virtual last layer of 8 electrons in order to satisfy the law of the octet. As they are of even atomic number they do not have to satisfy the law of electron pair.
Calcium phytate and sodium phytate are synthetic phytates (unnatural, non-vegetable, non-living, dead) that were used in bio-availability studies as substitutes for natural phytate type phytate because it is not available. The sodium has to satisfy the octet law and as it is odd atomic number (11) it also has to satisfy the law of the electron pair, so the binding to other compounds, such as chelator, is stronger than that formed by the phytin (Ca + Mg of even atomic number). The bonds of calcium phytate and sodium phytate chelates with nutrients strongly retain lighter elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, acting as anti-nutrients. On the Internet it is reported that phytate, without specifying which, is an antinutrient that does not suit. It is not advisable to eat nuts all day, without noticing that synthetic (dead) phytate is not found in fruits and nuts (live). Only NATURAL CALCIUM MAGNESIUM phytate is found in nuts. Sodium phytate and calcium phytate are found in laboratories and not in nuts or phytic fruits.
The natural live phytate of phytin is the original chelator of the EDEN KIT, it is the specific nutrient for man, the elixir of eternal youth. And it must be carefully protected because water destroys it, as does heat and freezing. Nuts are the basic food of EDEN throughout the year. Ripe fruits are the complementary food in EDEN in the hot season. Believing that phytate is antinutrient leads to eating few nuts and to getting old and sick.


Attack on bitter almond (prunus amygdalus amara)

False: "Eating bitter almonds can be deadly because they contain cyanide"

Bitter almond is a nut that contains amygdalin, a cyanide molecule among 2 glucose molecules. A sophisticated Elohim genetic engineering trap to kill anaerobic cells such as cancer cells or viruses and other anaerobic pathogens.

It comes very well protected in a wooden case that protects it from the inclement weather for a long time. It is still alive without losing effectiveness. It is the biggest cornerstone for killing cancer. A stone now banished.


The sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) is an Anunnaki creation that has managed to annul the bitter almond. She is the same as her but without amygdalin. It does not serve to cure cancer and is the only one that is marketed.
There is a worldwide campaign to remove the species prunus amygdalus amara from the face of the Earth.

Fortunately the genus prunus has 5 fruits and all with amygdalin in their seeds: bitter almond, peach, apricot, plum and cherry.

Amygdalin attack

FALSE. "Bitter almonds contain cyanide and can kill. "

There are people who claim that eating 4 or 5 almonds is dangerously deadly

Toxicological studies indicate that the amount of deadly cyanide for man is about 8 mg/kg in weight. A man weighing 75 kilos requires 600 mg of cyanide to die.
The different bitter almonds that exist of the genus prunus (cherry, plum, apricot, peach and bitter almond) have different amounts of cyanide ranging between 200 and 400 mg / Kg. of peeled natural almond.

8.5% of the weight of the almond is water that discounting it results in about 1100 gr. of dried almond. The one that contains the most is the bitter almond of prunus amygdalus amara. About 400 mg per kilogram. It is estimated that eating in one sitting between 1650 gr. of dried shelled almond of prunus amygdalus amara or / and 3300 gr. of dried raw almonds without shell of the other genera prunus can kill an adult individual.
To die from eating bitter almonds, in a supposed man of 75 kg of weight, approximately 1100 gr. of raw dried almond without shell are needed, that is, 1100 dried almonds without shell of 1.1 gr. each of prunus amygdalus amara, quickly eaten in minutes to get the total amount of cyanide needed to kill coincides in time, so that the constant purifying capacity of rhodanase does not reduce it below the lethal dose.

The shell of the almond represents approximately 80% of the weight of the almond, while the shelled almond represents 20%.

1100 gr of peeled raw almond.

4.4 Kg of bitter almonds with shell.


Attack on cannabidiol.
Anandamide is the substance that controls the entire physiology and human body. It occurs in every cell in the body. The one that occurs in the brain generates well-being and happiness and only occurs when you are happy. It decreases in unhappiness and depression.

The one produced in all body cells serves to block the activation of the GPR55 protein that controls tissue formation and is the inducer of cancer. Anandamide binds to your CB3 receptor and activates it. CB3 blocks the GPR55 protein and stops the oncogene and consequently the production of new tissues. In order for anandamide to bind to its receptor, an alkaline Ph of 7.3 is required. If the Ph is lower, anandamide cannot bind well to CB3, the GPR55 protein is released and calls the shrinkage that originates a malignant cell. However, in the happy man anandamide abounds and produces, in the presence of vitamin K2 and vitamin D2, the suicide of cancer cells (apoptosis of cancer cells). Live and green cannabis leaves contain vitamin D2 and are the official housing of bacillus subtilis that produces vitamin K2. Eating cannabis leaves or their flowers and live seeds you get the 3X1 against cancer. Everything is planned in EDEN.

Raw foods have neutral or slightly alkaline Ph but cooked foods lose electrons to heat and have acidic Ph. Ph is fundamental to the genesis of a cancer cell.

Who has taught you how to cook raw natural foods and with what intention?

Vegetable anandamide is the acidic cannabidiol (CBDA) that is identical to brain anandamide. The consumption of raw and live cannabis has the same effect as brain anandamide. It produces happiness and improves cellular functioning and health. However, when the cannabis plant dries and dies, the acidic cannabidiol (CBDA) decarboxylates and transforms into dead cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD                    CBDA


While it can bind to cannabidiol receptors it produces the opposite effect. CBD that binds to CB3 receptors hinders the binding of anandamide to its receptor and the GPR55 protein can be released...
The one that binds to the CB2 receptor of the immune system hinders and distorts the immune response by which immune diseases can originate.
The one that binds to the CB1 receptor of the brain causes a psychotropic effect that distorts the perception of the senses and easy laughter in a pleasant environment.

With natural and affordable cannabidiol humanity could get rid of cancer. Reptilians banned the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in virtually every country. Currently, in few countries, the cultivation of cannabis for their own use is allowed but it does not worry the reptilians because they know that humans will use it dead (marijuana). They use it as a psychotropic to recreate their mind and not to cure cancer, and that, although the smoker is better momentarily with mind laughing outwards his health cries inside.

Attack on resveratrol

Carbonic vinification: Ancestrally the bunches of grapes were stacked in clay pots and covered. The bunches of grapes fermented whole in an atmosphere poor in O2- and rich in CO2. The most crushed ones used to break and the superficial ones were crushed. In the end it was a broth without so many tannins, fruity and with abundant resveratrol. The final wine only lasted a year without passing, just until the next harvest.
Today's wine is not like that of the patriarchs. They fermented the whole bunches of grapes, with all the skin of the grape and all the seeds. The wines were more tasty, aromatic, fruity and above all had much more resveratrol than current wines. Totally healthy wines. Real life-giving wines. Now everything has changed. Since the introduction of destemming machines and grape crushing machines, wines are not so powerful in taste, smell or resveratrol. To prevent the oxygen left inside the boots from speeding up the process of turning wine into vinegar, some winegrowers use sulfur fumes to replace oxygen with sulfur. In this way it is possible to extend the conservation of the wine in the boots longer and the wines can age for years. Bottles should state "contains sulfites" to warn the drinker that they will be nourished by an extra serving of sulfur in their diet.
The alcohol of natural wine, taken in its proper measure, does not harm or age. Resveratrol increases the amount of superoxide dismutase by 14 times and the elimination of free radicals increases 14 times. The anti-aging effect increases up to 14 times by drinking wine. However taken in excess it can get drunk and then if it oxidizes. The Romans when they wanted to get drunk without aging mixed wine and myrrh. Myrrh is a very potent antioxidant that neutralizes SUPER-OXIDE (O2)." The metabolization of wines is by the route of manolysis that connects with fructolysis and does not produce glucose for cancer. In EDEN everything is planned.

Attack on melatonin

Melatonin is a substance that is produced at night in the pineal gland. It induces sleep and blocks telomeres from reproducing cancer cells, prevents cancer while sleeping.
An adequate amount of nighttime melatonin depends on an amount of moderate physical activity performed during the day.

Eden's phytic nuts (pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts) produce melaronin. Eating nuts protects against cancer and stops it.
Eden's phytic nuts contain melatonin and phytate phytate in the skin. The reptilians reported that phytate, without specifying which, is antinutrient and since phytate is found in nuts, it is recommended not to eat nuts to avoid mineral deficiencies and others. Without nuts, people are at the mercy of cancer.
Chemical melatonin, synthetic laboratory, is marketed as a food supplement to induce sleep. It is only authorised at doses below 2 mg. Synthetic melatonin begins to be effective at doses above 5 mg.

Attack on bread

The cooking of bread.
The star food of the EDEN DIET is wheat bread. Starch is a vegetable glucose polymer. It is the reserve carbohydrate of mainly legume vegetables and cereals, and is practically non-existent in phytic fruits. Eating phytic fruits does not feed the cancer with starchy glucose. Glycogen is an animal glucose polymer and is abundant in meat. Meat provides the most glucose for cancer. Elohim wheat from the EDEN DIET contains antiamylase. Amylase is the enzyme that in saliva and in the digestive tract fragments starch and glycogen to generate glucose. The intake of whole wheat raw wheat, rich in antiamylase, reduces the absorption of the specific food for cancer cells, glucose.
The anti-amylase enzyme is destroyed by heat. It is found in the skin of the wheat grain. When the grains are peeled, the bran rich in anti-amylase and a peeled whitish wheat grain without vitamins or anti-amylases are obtained. Eating cereal flour bread, peeled and cooked offers bread without anti-amylases or vitamins, only starch that will serve to produce glucose, the food of cancer. Cooked bread allows plenty of cancer food to be absorbed in the intestine and passed into the blood.

Wheat in addition to antiamylase contains antipepsin. Antipepsin inhibits in the stomach the degradation of proteins from meat, but not those from fruit. Antipepsin prevents the generation of glucose from meat for cancer. Prevents the degradation of meat in the stomach, at the level of polypeptides.
Wheat, in addition to antiamylase and antipepsin contains antitrypsin. Antitrypsin inhibits in the duodenum the degradation of proteins from meat at the level of oligopeptides to obtain amino acids. Avoid generating glucose, from meat, for cancer.
Wheat should not be dried at more than 60 ºC. It should be eaten raw. Left to soak for a day exposed to the angel of Sun and Air. Make thin wafers and let them dry in the sun.

The carnivorous diet: It is the most dangerous. Meat is the muscles of animals (fish, insects, mammals, etc.). Meat contains glucose which is the specific food of the anaerobic metabolism of cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in 2015 that eating meat causes cancer, especially red and processed meat.
Next to the glucose in the meat is stored a glucose concentrate, glycogen. Eating meat is eating glucose with glycogen. Glycogen is broken down into more glucose in the digestive tract. Eating meat superfeeds cancer.

Everything is planned in EDEN.

Attack on the diet Frugivora fítica

False: "Man is omnivorous"

There are people who claim that man is omnivorous and that for this reason you have to eat everything.

Predator dentures have long incisors and you only have 1 up and down movement. They tear the flesh, chew little and gobble.

Ruminant animals have 2 mandibular movements: Up and down and from left to right and vice versa. The lateral movement is for crushing vegetables.

Man has both movements and is phytic crudi-lacto-frugivore. It is not a carnivore. Just because you can chew on everything doesn't mean it's in your best interest to eat everything. It is convenient for you to eat things that serve as food but not things that serve as maintenance and allow aging and disease.

False: "You have to eat everything and varied"

There are people who claim that you have to eat everything and varied.

Eat foods that feed and prevent or/cure disease and aging. Discard what only serves as maintenance because they allow aging and disease. "Eating everything" includes eating vegetables, eggs, and meat. These ingredients don't feed only maintain.
If your intention is to live all your genetic longevity of one hundred and twenty years young and without getting sick, select your fuel because "everything" will not serve as food. Ignore what only serves as maintenance. Stick to a particular diet, or anunnaki or Elohim and don't mix them because you can't serve two gentlemen. And if you mix all the fruit of the seed you have sown (food and maintenance) and the product of the vineyard (youth and health) they will be useless as in the Mediterranean diet.

False: "It is advisable to eat meat because of its high protein value"

There are people who claim that you have to eat meat because it has a higher protein value than vegetables, and that foods rich in protein are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Amino acids are structured in the body to form meat. Amines are basically amino acids. The breakdown of amino acids, for example by heat in the cooking of meats, releases amines. When amines bind to nitrites and/or nitrates they form nitrosamines. When meat is cooked, nitrosamines can form that are cancerous.
The protein value of food expresses the amount of protein in grams per 100 gr. of meat. It is recommended to eat meat because it has more protein value than vegetables and fruits. However, the higher the protein value, the greater the amount of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) released in cooking and the greater the amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which increases the risk of cancer. The WHO warned of the carcinogenic effect of meats. Eating RAW fruits and vegetables has no carcinogenic effect.

False: "You have to cook the food"

There are people who claim that you have to cook food because some have antinutrients that are inactivated by heat in cooking.

Nature is natural and served raw. Cooking the raw means denaturing the natural. The fruit has no antinutrients.

What only serves as maintenance should be cooked to remove antinutrients for example: Eggs contain avidin, a glycoprotein that destroys vitamin B8. Crustaceans, mollusks and most fish contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys thiamine (vit. B1). Raw meat may contain Trichinella and other pathogens.

The heat of cooking destroys vitamins and denatures meat proteins and heterocyclic amines (HCA) appear that are cancerous.
The fat of the meat being cooked can generate vapors and fumes that contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are also carcinogenic.
The carcinogenic effect of cooked meat is amplified when HCAs and PAHs coincide.
Nitrites and nitrates can also bind to cooked meat and further amplify the carcinogenic effect.
The great daily invasion of ions into our body is caused by ourselves by eating cooked (heated) food, with preservatives, dyes, etc. When heated, they lose electrons and ionize, becoming radicals that steal electrons as they pass through our body. The cells are damaged and die before exhausting their programmed life. The digestive tract is the organ that presents the most cancer.

Nature is natural and served raw. Cooking the raw means denaturing the natural.


False: Wash or/and Peel the fruit before eating it.

Under the pretext of not poisoning yourself with agrochemicals, it is advisable to wash or peel the fruit.
The skin of the phytic fruits supports and feeds the bacillus subtilis. The function of Bacillus subtilis is to produce all the vitamins that man needs to plug his metabolic holes. It also produces the enzyme PHYTASE that together with PHYTIN and all the vitamins together are the cornerstone of "eternal youth" in EDEN.
People who wash or/or peel fruits do not daily repopulate their intestinal flora with bacillus subtilis so they age and get sick.

The 666" Diet

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